Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Our day was very relaxing and great. All the kids are so happy with their gifts and very grateful, to our surprise. Here are some pics I took throughout the morning. Check out my other blog at www.thepinkstamper.blogspot.com to see the gift Katelyn made for me.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve!

I cannot believe that it is actually Christmas tomorrow. I really want this season to last longer. It feels like it came so quickly this year and now is suddenly gone. We have so many Christmas Eve traditions that we squeezed into tonight. I can really tell that my kids are getting older because my girls are enjoying different things. For their Christmas Eve gift they all opened up matching jammies and my girls were so excited when a few years ago they wanted to open another one up after. Madelyn came up to me two times to thank me for her new jammies. She really appreciated that they all matched this year. Here are some of the highlights of our night....
Here is the Cardon traditional "Make Your Own Pizza".....

This year for the family Nativity I actually bought different types of Muslin from the fabric store to make costumes. All I did was fold the material in half and cut out a hole for the head. The rope sinched around the waist and head were the perfect added touch.

Here is a pic of them all by the tree in their new matching jammies. Aren't they so adorable??

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Thomas!!

Thomas just turned 3 last week. He is such a ball of energy, you could say. He is such a sweet boy but definitely the bully of the family. He tends to get his way with the other children because nobody wants to stand up to him. For his birthday we had the traditional breakfast in bed then had a family party after dinner that night. Here are some of the highlights.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Brayden's Day

Brayden had a wonderful 1st birthday. We started out by giving him the traditional "breakfast in bed" of homemade pancakes and yogurt. In the morning he had his professional 1 year pictures taken. After dinner we celebrated by having cake & opening presents. He had a blast!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Trimming the Tree

Every year we decorate our tree the day after Thanksgiving. We are very blessed this year to be able to buy a 7 1/2 foot tree. We had our 5 foot tree since we got married. Wow! The big one sure makes a difference. We let the kids decorate the entire tree this year again. I don't even care if it's not perfect because it is their art! Growing up my mom also let us kids decorate the tree every year. What a fun tradition!!

Last night at the store I bought ingredients to make gingerbread houses. We are going to start a new tradition this year of making them. I know Bryan's family made those growing up but we never followed suit until now.

Have a great day everyone! I have a lot to work on for Christmas presents. I got my Christmas cards ordered on Thursday so hopefully they will arrive next week so I can get them in the mail.