Monday, October 20, 2008

Disney Highlights


It is so good to be home from our trip. Although we had an awesome time, nothing beats the feeling of hanging out with my family in our own environment.

We had an excellent day at church yesterday. Our Stake presidency was there and we had Ward Conference. I love to hear from the leaders of our Stake. I felt the words were very inspired and meant for us. There are so many things that I want to do better to prepare for the coming of my Savior, Jesus Christ. It is a great day to be alive!

Last night right before bed, Brayden, came down with a high fever. He had it all night long and slept with mommy & daddy. I don't like my children to ever feel yucky but when they do it is the one time that all they want to do is snuggle. Brayden is such a sweetheart. He is still really hot this morning even with the Tylenol and Motrin. Hopefully he recovers quickly.

Today the kids are still off school for Fall Break. We are just going to get our house in order since we were not home last week. I'm sure the kids will love that.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Checking In

We are on Day 3 of our Disney World trip and having a blast. On our first day here we ate at a place called Chef Mickeys as a character meal. Thomas was actual glowing the entire night. I guess we didn't realize before how much he liked Mickey Mouse. He was saying the cutest things and having so much fun with the characters. They were having so much fun with him, too. Every picture from our group had Thomas in it staring up at the character even if he wasn't supposed to be in the picture. It was too cute. Then he just blurted out "Mom, I just LOVE them!" What a sweetie pie. I'm so glad I got most of it on the camera.

On Tuesday we went to Magic Kingdom and yesterday we went to Hollywood Studios. Today we are going to Animal Kingdom and then tomorrow we will be going to Magic Kingdom again and hitting all the rides that we missed the first day. The kids are having a blast!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's too quiet!!

I have never been in my house without all my children being here. It's kind of weird. I have a lot of thoughts today so I am going to write down as many as I can. I am taking my SIL's 31 for 21 challenge and going to try to write in my blog every day in the month of October.

Thought number one. I have had only two children this weekend and it has been a piece of cake. It has been quiet and easy to maintain. No fights to break up, no children back talking, no homework, etc. I remember back to when I was a mom to just my first 2 children. I thought it was very tough. My life seemed so busy with the demands of motherhood and being a good wife. Now that I have older children I realize that I had it easier back then and didn't even know it. I wonder if I will look back on this time of chaos and say the same thing. I had it easy back then. I hope not because my life is certainly not easy right now. It's usually very LOUD at my house. It has been nice having a quiet home but I really miss my oldest kids and my husband.

Okay, I'm going to go to bed now so I will continue my thoughts tomorrow. I need to get some sleep so I can get back to normal. I've been under the weather all weekend.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Babies are in Utah!

Here is a pic I took this morning at 4:45 am right before they were leaving with Bryan to fly to Utah. Andrew had a fever so it was really hard sending him off when he wasn't feeling well. I offered to have him stay home but he just wanted to take medicine so he could go see Grandma and Grandpa Cardon.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My little sweetheart!

Bayden had been playing in the playroom for the past hour with no complaints at all.  I've been sitting in my stamp room next door working on some projects when I decided that it was probably time for him to come out of there.  This is what I found......