Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our little vacation

On Friday we left for our little vacation to Branson, Missouri. We hit some construction right before Tulsa which slowed us down for about 2 hours so we decided to stay in a town right before Joplin. The kids had fun swimming and this was the first time our family needed two hotel rooms!! The girls & baby stayed in one while daddy and the boys stayed next door.

On Saturday we got up and continued our trip to Branson. We stopped along the way to explore some underground caverns on a jeep tour. It was really cool!! Here are some neat pics.

When we arrived at the Windmill Inn in Branson we discovered that Brayden had a fever. I went out and got a thermometer and some medicine. His fever was a little over 103 degrees. He was very lethargic and not acting like himself at all. Bryan decided to stay in the hotel with him and Thomas while me and the oldest 3 went to Ride the Ducks.

Saturday night we went to see the show Magnificent 7. When we went with Mom and Dad Cardon 18 months ago that was our favorite show because of the singer Amanda who appeared with them. Much to our disappointment we found out that she is no longer performing with them. We left during intermission and felt that was about the time to get home and get the kids in bed.
Sunday morning we got up and Brayden was still feeling sick with a fever. Bryan and the kids got ready for church and went and found a chapel. They only arrived a little late and had a really good time. While they were gone I read a ton from my scriptures and even worked on two Personal Progress experiences. They baby slept the entire time. After they returned from church I fed the kids lunch of PB&J sandwiches with chips. Bryan and Thomas took a little nap while the kids watched a Sunday movie in their room in the loft. After they woke up we had a small dinner of Cup O' Noodle soups and some more chips. We bought everything the night before so we wouldn't have to shop on the Sabbath. After dinner we went for a drive and stopped at a park by Table Lake Dam. We took a nice family walk and had a great time.

Monday morning we woke up and went next door for a breakfast buffet. It was pretty yummy. We decided to go down to the lake again and look for seashells. The kids LOVED that!

We had one show lined up for us on Monday morning before we headed back to Edmond. We saw the Brett Family Singers at 10 am and as soon as we arrived I knew that we were going to enjoy it. First of all, we had front row seats! The kids were super excited for that. The singers came out and had us participate a couple of times. How much fun!! We stayed and talked with the family afterwards and found that they were LDS, too, and they thought we were the instant they saw us. Funny how people view large families! Anyway, they were really neat and we will be going back every year to watch them perform. We recommend them to you all, too!

We arrived home in the evening yesterday and so glad to be home!


Heather S. said...

Looks like such a fun vacation. Glad you had so much fun.

Dancin Queen said...

Great post. Love how you documented everything for your family. They'll love reading that later and remembering.

Dancin Queen said...

I can never type in the word verification right on your blog. I have to do it several times before it will let me leave you a comment. I can't see right I guess.

Shawna said...

Robyn! We *missed* you Sunday but glad you're back and that the trip was wonderful. I'm sure you and Bryan both needed that :):)