Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I will NOT cut his hair!!

Okay, the big debate in our house right now is about cutting this precious little baby's hair. I think it is so sweet. Brayden is the only baby we've had with curly hair. Bryan, on the other hand, thinks it is time for a little boy haircut! If he had his way he would have done it 3 weeks ago. I am holding on to Brayden's babiness. He's such a sweet thing!


Linnea said...

I wouldn't cut his hair either. Jacob has naturally curly hair and it looks so cute on the long side. Tell Bryan to wait until Brayden is 2 -- then he'll cut his own hair! (Julia did just this week...)

Stevens girl said...

John and I were just the opposite, I wanted to cut it and he wanted to keep it. Just make sure you have lots of curly locks to save when you finally do cut his hair.