Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, my goal is to be a better family blogger.  This will kind of be like my journal minus the personal and spiritual experiences.  

I am still very sick today.  I thought that my cold would be gone by morning but it was the worst day yet.  I just can't stand being stuffed up, sneezing, and coughing all day.  I'm a horrible mother when I do not feel good.  Just ask my kids and they will tell you the same thing.

About 3 weeks ago now I got a Macbook laptop computer.  I love it!!  I earned it, if you are wondering, by working for Bryan a couple hours a week for the past 5 months.  I cannot believe I have lived without a Mac for so long.  I was missing out!!  If you want a user-friendly computer this is the one for you.  I figured out pretty much everything in a few days and am constantly amazed at how easy it is to use.  I LOVE it!  Did I already say that??

Did I already mention that it was pink??
Okay, life is tough with 5 kids.  I think people look at me and think I am just this perfect mom on the outside but if they got a glimpse of how I really am they would be shocked.  I have a short temper with my children, especially when they don't listen which is pretty much all the time.  I am still looking for the right way to discipline.  I take away privileges and they just don't seem to care.  What more can I do???  Really, there is just so much noise in my house that I almost think I am going insane but.......... sometimes I really surprise myself that I am actually doing okay.  I know that I will look back on these years when they are young and wish for them back.  Right now I cannot even imagine that!

Hmmmmm, what else is new??  Bryan's practice is doing pretty well and we have been able to pay off some debt.  That is a really good feeling!!  We finally payed off my mini van and then, yep, you guessed it, it broke down a month later!!!  We ended up buying an 07 Honda Odyssey LX-R with Navigation & Entertainment.  Wow!  What have I been missing??  We got a pretty good deal on this car considering it already had 40,000 miles on it and it was only 1 year old.  We love it because it has an 8th seat and we always seem to just need "one more" seat.  Now we have it!!  

My mom came out to visit us for 10 days from Utah.  We had a really good time.  We didn't even argue once, which is a big accomplishment for us.  We watched a couple movies, went shopping, scrapbooked, watched Camp Rock, and I showed her how to make jewelry (now she is hooked!)  It was a really good time and we actually miss her around here.

One of the days she visited we were able to go to the OKC Temple.  It was a very special experience for me.  I love my mom and I was so happy to be able to share that moment.

On the first Saturday in June we drove up to Kansas, in our new car that fit everyone, including my mom.  We were able to participate in the Little House on the Prairie Days.  Those of you who know me well know that I LOVE Little House on the Prairie.  I am reading the series for the 2nd time right now and I own & have watched all 9 Seasons from TV.  It was a very neat experience to see the little log house that Laura's family lived in when they lived in Indian Territory.  You will have to read the books if you haven't already.  Here are a few pics.

Nope, I'm not pregnant!  It's just the shirt and I still need to lose that extra 20 pounds!

On the Friday before my mom went home we went to lunch at Inspirations Tea Room with some girls from church. It was such a neat "girls" place. We really enjoyed ourselves.


Shawna said...

I'm home now! And I am glad you want to post more on this blog - I LOVE reading about your wonderful family ... and I don't care what you say - you ARE superwoman! See you in a few hours ...

Emily said...

Wow, you really put a lot on here. How fun that there is so much to do right there where you live. Around here. . .let's see. . .we can get sunburned and search for crawdads in the irrigation ditch. Your kids are growing up so fast!

Robyn said...

Well, we did drive 3 hours to go to Kansas. I bet if you drove you could find some fun places. :)

Linnea said...

Laura Ingalls Wilder was also one of five children. Life was tough for her too: she didn't get to travel around in a Honda Odyssey with navigation and entertainment systems and her home was just a log cabin. Whenever I think of how hard life is for me as a mother of 8, like when I'm buried under loads of laundry, I just reflect on the past and am grateful I have a washing machine and I'm not scrubbing by hand over a washboard!