Thursday, October 16, 2008

Checking In

We are on Day 3 of our Disney World trip and having a blast. On our first day here we ate at a place called Chef Mickeys as a character meal. Thomas was actual glowing the entire night. I guess we didn't realize before how much he liked Mickey Mouse. He was saying the cutest things and having so much fun with the characters. They were having so much fun with him, too. Every picture from our group had Thomas in it staring up at the character even if he wasn't supposed to be in the picture. It was too cute. Then he just blurted out "Mom, I just LOVE them!" What a sweetie pie. I'm so glad I got most of it on the camera.

On Tuesday we went to Magic Kingdom and yesterday we went to Hollywood Studios. Today we are going to Animal Kingdom and then tomorrow we will be going to Magic Kingdom again and hitting all the rides that we missed the first day. The kids are having a blast!


Linnea said...

How fun! What wonderful memories you are making for your family. Wish we were there with you (maybe next time.)

davies-jennie said...

You are power packing this trip. You will go home un-rested...but it is all worth it. Have a wonderful time.