Friday, August 24, 2007

Here I go again

I decided to start up another blog for personal use. My other one is just for my card & scrapbook creations and is more public. I need a place to write my thoughts down as they come to me.

This week Katelyn, Madelyn, and Andrew started school. I can hardly believe I have 3 children in school and just 2 at home in the afternoons. It has been very quiet around here. Andrew is in Kindergarten and only goes a half day. After I get home from taking him I put the 2 little ones down for their afternoon nap and then I have 2-3 hours to myself. I don't think I have had that in years!! Yesteray I actually took a much needed nap.

I made a decision this school year that I would serve my kids up a hot breakfast every morning. It really hasn't been that hard and I have done it all week. What I am finding is that we are all together in the morning and not so rushed about. Today I also decided that I would use this time to talk about a story from the scriptures with them. I want to leave them with those thoughts in their heads for their day. Today I read the story of Noah from the Reader. I asked them questions and actually had some participation from everyone. We read our family scriptures together in the evening and that is really just reading. I'm super excited to do this with them. It is my job to make sure that they know all these stories and it is never to late to start.

I'm going to use this blog like a journal since I am having problems with my hands right now. It is much easier to type than it is to write. About a month ago I started having problems with my right arm all the way down to my fingertips. For the past week My hands have been falling asleep when I sleep. This usually only happens when I am pregnant so I think that there might be something wrong. Maybe carpul tunnel? Am I too young to get arthritis?

I am still working on my Personal Progress for Young Women. I am only one project and 6 experiences away from getting my Youngwoman Recognition Award. I'm in the middle of the last project and working on a couple experiences right now. Last April a few of us from Young Women read the Book of Mormon in about 3 1/2 weeks. It was such a wonderful experience. A friend of mine and I are doing that again. We are trying to finish the BOM by General Conference on October 3rd. It's not as much reading a day but I am still getting the results that I love. I am understanding the scriptures more and feeling the Spirit.

For the past two weeks I have felt really overwhelmed with everything. Bryan starting up his practice, the kids starting school, my church callings, and just being a mother was really taking a toll on me. I am finally feeling back to myself today. I wonder if the nap I took yesterday helped me. I know that everything is going to work out. I love that Bryan is finally going to be doing what we have worked towards for 11 years, I'm so happy that the kids are in school, I love everything about both of my callings, and I LOVE my job as a mommy. Today is a good day.


Eliza Brock said...

Hey woman!

thanks for inviting me to your new blog. The pictures are great. Congrats on you and your husband making it to here. Sounds like it has been a long road. I bet it is awesome having some time to yourself in the pm. I would go see your dr about your arm. It could be all sorts of different things. Hope you have some fun weekend plans!


Heather S. said...


Sounds like things are going so great for you. I'm so happy for you. That's an awesome accomplishment to earn your young womanhood recognition.

Heather said...

Hi Bobyn,
Thanks for inviting me to view this. I love seeing recent pics of your kids... I also love seeing your creative side too, so now I feel like I get to see more of you. You are one of my oldest friends yet we lead such different lives and are so far apart it makes me sad.
Do go see a doctor about your arm, it could be nerves, arthritis, you name it. And no, you aren't too young to have arthritis, some people have it from childhood. But don't freak out before you go, just go. : )

Love ya, TTFN, H

emilykfd said...


Shawna said...

Hi Robyn
Thank you for letting me know about this blog and emailing the invite. See you soon, my friend!

Joan said...

I am honored to be invited to be part of this blog. This will be a lot of fun and a privilege to read.