Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Story Teller

Our Madelyn just loves to write her own stories and tell them to all her friends. We had our home teachers over last Sunday and one of them brought a couple of his kids. Madie just couldn't wait to sit there and read her latest masterpiece to them. I'll attach the story on the bottom.

"Seven Steps"
by Madelyn Cardon

Once when there was a nice family of seven, they were watching the news. They heard there was oing to be a twister. Amy was really worried. She was eleven. She was worried because the last time there was a twister her little brother died because he thought it was a game. So he went outside and ran away from the twister saying "You can't catch me". Then the twister caught up and he died. OH NO! Said Amy. What are we going to do? I don't know said her mom. Then we have Seven Steps. Wat are those? Asked Jhonny her little brother. Those are, said Amy, Lock all the doors and windows. CHECK! Get in the closet. CHECK! Make sure everybody is in the closet. CHECK! Ah wait a minute, we don't have Sally!! OH NO! I said! I looked out the window. She was out there screaming, "You can't catch me!" I could not believe my eyes! She turned into an angel! I tried to go out there but she came up to the door and walked right into the closet! She really was an angel. But how did this happen? I figured out that it was all just a prank, Joey, My big brother set up a prank T.V. Also he got into my clothes and made the twister out of it. And he dressed up Sally. I fell for it!! He probably had help with my big sister Donna. I liked her name but not her. She ruined EVERYTHING! I wish she wasn't my sister. But I have to Love my family. And I do love them even if they get in my way. I love everybody.



Emily said...

What a funny girl. . . Perhaps she'll be an author someday. :)

davies-jennie said...

What a creative mind! She is toooo sweet!