Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tornado, OH NO!!!

Today was a very scary day in Edmond, Oklahoma. Here is my story.....

It was around 2:20pm and I was just heading over to pick up my boys from Mother's Day Out. I decided to stop and get some gas first because I was almost on empty. While I was pumping the gas I noticed that the skies to the Southwest of me looked kind of dark and gloomy. I got in my car and turned on the regular radio when an emergency announcement comes on that there is a TORNADO warning and one is on the ground!! We were supposed to take shelter immediately!! I headed over to get my boys and when I got there the head of the program told me to come on in as were going to all go to the safe place. I told her that I only lived 1 mile away and that I had a storm shelter. My friend Karlee was there, too, so we both picked up our kids and headed over to my house. We actually had a good time even though it was kind of scary and stressful being in a shelter with 4 little kids who didn't understand what they were doing. We ended up going down to my shelter 2 times. We could hear the sirens outside my house and were lucky to have a safe place to go to. A neighborhood about 4 miles from our house was hit pretty hard as the tornado actually went through it. We were very blessed to be safe and have a fun story to tell.

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