Monday, June 8, 2009

Karlee, you will be missed!!

This morning Karlee came by to say one last goodbye before her and her family were on the road for their move to New Mexico. It was a very hard goodbye. We cried a lot. I haven't had to say goodbye to anyone in years and it was very sad.

Brayden and Brekken have just recently started to play together.  They decided to play a final duet on the piano to say goodbye.

Thomas and Kiya are such sweet friends.  He is going to miss her so much and doesn't understand that she is really moving.

Here she is........... Miss America!

Here I am.......... SAD EYES!!

Don't we just look so sad???

Here we are trying to smile through our tears.

Kiya had to deliver one final punch to Thomas to let him know who is boss.  We are still trying to plan the wedding of Kiya and Thomas.  We have to find some way to be officially related some day!

One shot of Karlee taking a pic from her car.

Thomas had to give Karlee a big hug!

Brayden also wanted to give Karlee one last snuggle.  So sweet!

Bye bye my bestest friend, Karlee!  I will miss you soooo much!!!  Please visit me often!! 

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