Thursday, January 17, 2008

Uh Oh!

Well, we just learned that we still have to watch Thomas when he is alone with Brayden. We had put Thomas in his room and Brayden in his crib in the other room so we could have a peaceful family scripture study and family prayer. We could hear Brayden crying different and this is what we found....

Apparently Thomas had taken all the bedding off the girls' beds and everything that was on the floor and stuffed it around Brayden. We are just thankful that he didn't put it on top of him and then get in, too. This happened two times in one night. We just don't leave Thomas alone anywhere near the baby. We were very lucky this night.


Julie said...


I'm glad he's ok! :)

Stevens girl said...

That could of been very scary. It always amazes me at what kids decide to do for fun.