Thursday, January 31, 2008

Madie's assignment

I am so glad that I can work my hobby into my children's lives. Madie had a book report due tomorrow and it was on a "how to" book. Well, since we were out of eggs, peanut butter, baking cocoa, and a few other things (yes, I know, I need to go shopping), she asked if we could do one on a scrapbook page. Of course I jumped on that idea. I pulled out some of my scrapbook magazines and we found a simple scrapbook page to create and follow directions for. We custom made this with our own paper and picture but used the article as a guide. Madie was so happy to be able to use the Cricut!

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Linnea said...

What a cute scrapbook page. Way to go Madie! I'd give your project an "A" for sure. Keep up the good work and you'll be just as talented as your mom.