Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My sick Madie!!

Last night Madie had a really pink cheek that was warm. It looked like she put a ton of blush on it so we just left it alone. This morning she woke up and had TWO really pink cheeks and a giant rash all over her body. We are pretty sure it's viral since she has not felt well since yesterday morning. Today I let her stay home with me and she pretty much acted normal so I'm probably going to send her to school in the morning if the rash is gone.

On another note......... can I tell you how sore I am today?? I started working out at the YMCA yesterday and went again today. I can totally feel it working!! I did upper body yesterday and lower body today with abs both days. I love feeling sore because I know that something is working but I do not like being so sore that I can't lift my arms. Bitter sweet!

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the Cardon Clan said...

Poor Madelyn. You definitely know they are sick when they have the "sick eyes."