Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!! Here we are, full of Halloween Spirit and just plain craziness!!

Brayden as Superman!

Andrew as a Ninja!

Katelyn as Dorothy

Thomas as Captain America!

Madelyn and her best friend, Ashley, both got matching cat outfits. Very cute!

I was like a total 80's girl!! I loved it and lived it up!!!! Only 1 day a year, right?? I vote for an 80's day!!

Not that I made him dress up or anything but I know Bryan enjoyed playing an 80's rocker and my like total rad boyfriend!!

Aren't we like a totally tubular couple?? He rocks!


Lindy T! said...

Oh man!!! I don't know how I feel about Bryan anymore...especially come Sundays...Just playing. Ya'll look so cute! I wish I could've seen it in person.

Photo Crazy! said...

Yeah! I am so happy for an update!
Your kids looked soooo cute at Halloween. You an Brian ROCKED!!!
I am showing Alan this one!

the Cardon Clan said...

HILARIOUS! I am still laughing. Great pics.