Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 8- My Handsome Husband, Bryan

Yes, I'm one of the lucky ones. I have a husband who has it all. Looks, charm, patience, muscles, etc! Don't be jealous because that just wouldn't be right. Seriously, I am truly blessed to have the best husband in the world. I still am amazed that he married me. He saw my true colors when we were dating and he still asked me to be his wife. I have always been somewhat moody but during our courtship he was being tested to the limits. I have mellowed out since then but when I look back I am in awe that he went through with it. I'm glad he did and so are our 5 children.

Bryan and I have been married 12 years so I will share 12 reasons why I love him.

#1- His looks, of course (hee, hee)

#2- He is an AWESOME dad who is so good with the kids

#3- Because he let us get a dog even though that was the last thing he wanted

#4- He lets me have an entire room in the house just for my hobby. How many other husbands would let their wives do that??

#5- He lets me be me and trusts me with money. We had to be so frugal during school and for most of our marriage and Bryan always trusted me with my purchases. Even now when I receive a package that is scrapbook related he doesn't question it at all. (Which is a very good thing!!)

#6- He takes out the trash which is my least favorite chore

#7- He goes to the Lord with his problems and questions and he waits until he receives answers. I can learn a lot from him in that area.

#8- He loves to serve in the church. I have never heard him murmur once about an assignment he has been given. He serves with a happy heart and truly loves what he does.

#9- Bryan doesn't speak unkindly of anyone. Even when I want to gossip with him or tell him how I feel about someone. He really doesn't want to feed my fire. He sits and listens but does not comment about it 99% of the time.

#10- He doesn't mind driving an old car. I love that about him. Things are not important but people are.

#11- Bryan is very frugal. In the beginning of our marriage I had a huge problem with this but as we have progressed through our marriage it has come to be a true blessing. I know that he is not going to spend our money on something frivolous.

#12- He is very mellow most of the time. We are true opposites in our personality but it suits us. We are a perfect match.

Love you honey!!

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Linnea said...

Great post! We love Bryan too. (Nice photo, eh)