Sunday, January 11, 2009

POTD-14 My Sick Husband

Bryan started feeling yucky on Saturday morning or Friday night. If you know anything about my husband you would understand that this is not normal and we take it pretty seriously. (Like when he woke me up in the middle of the night with a fever of 100. We won't go there.) He has a cough and a mild temp. Last night he woke up with the chills, which he has never had before. I am trying not to say "See, now you know how I felt when I had the chills last year" but it is so tempting. Bryan was so sick that he stayed home from church and went to a walk in medical clinic. Bryan hasn't missed church due to illness since I've known him. Again, must be VERY sick. The doctor did a chest xray and he does have pneumonia. I never would have guessed. I was sicker for MUCH longer, with much more severe symptoms, and I never went to a doctor. I kept saying that I thought mine was pneumonia. Since he has his books full of patients this week he has to get better really fast. He is on a Zpack and something else. Hope he gets better soon. It's no fun having 6 kids when you are only used to 5. :)

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Linnea said...

Are you sure Bryan and David aren't twins? This scenario sounds so familiar to me. (Recently it was me in bed with the 101 fever while David and AnnElyse were off fixing her car!) I do hope Bryan gets better soon. It's good to catch pnemonia in the beginning phases before it does a lot more damage. Hang in there nurse Robyn!