Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My New Passion

For Christmas Bryan got me a Nikon D90 camera, a couple of lenses, and a new flash. I have been playing around with it and reading everything there is to know about photography on the internet. Today I had my first "session" with my friend and her children. Now, understand that I still have soooo much to learn but I think these turned out really sweet. Most of these are in automatic, Portrait, P, or A mode. I was just guessing on most of it.


Tyler & Alex


Linnea said...

What a fun photo shoot. Did you do the edited ovals in camera or afterwards in an editing program? I hope your friend appreciates your talent and your willingness to share! (She has really cute kids -- what great models for you.)

Stephanie said...

Super cute! It doesn't hurt when you have adorable models! ; ) And what a great gift you got! I can't wait until I get a fancy camera! : )

Stephanie said...

Oh yes, and now you just need photoshop if you don't already have it!

davies-jennie said...

My sister in law told me about a great web site www.thepioneerwoman.com it teaches a lot of cool stuff. She also told me to always set my camera in RAW. It is great. You need adobe photoshop or adobe photoshop elements to open the RAW setting though. You really did a great shoot. Have fun! I am always learning and having fun also.