Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 9 - Madie!!!

My sweet, dear Madie is such a joy in our lives. She has such a sassy attitude, like her mom, but you've got to love her for being independent. Madie will never let anyone push her around nor will she ever follow the crowd. She is a true girly girl who loves to dress up pretty and try on her play make up. She also loves to pose for my camera which I LOVE!!! We have fun photo sessions and she poses in fun ways. She is really helping me with my new camera. :)

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davies-jennie said...

Wow Robyn, It looks like you became a pro photographer overnight! I can tell you are having fun with your new camera. I like your pic. a day journal. You family is so cute. They are growing up so fast. I love your new house. You really have a special gift of picking things up quickly. Happy New Year!